Matt Young found his passion for photography and videography years ago. He started his journey with just a few GoPro's and as his passion  and skills grew so has his equipment. Matt currently has everything he could ever need to capture excellent photo's and video's. His arsenal currently consist of multiple GoPro's, multiple DSLR's, as well as a couple of drones. Matt's love and passion for photography and videography has transpired into his wife and partner Neci Young. Together they make an excellent team!!! Matt was born and raised in Seymour, Tennessee and currently resides in Sevierville, Tennessee. Neci was born and raised in Sevierville, Tennessee. They got married in September of 2013 and now have two beautiful daughters.

Both of them being born and raised in East Tennessee enables them to know all of the wonderful locations and landscapes that the area has to offer. You will find a very diverse skillset in their photography and videography. Their photography talents and skills range from landscape photography, aerial photography, engagement photography, wedding photography, birthday photography, family portraits, senior portraits, graduation portraits, Quinceañera portraits, and any other special events. Their videography talents and skills range from aerial videography, engagement videography, wedding videography, birthday videography, family videography, graduation videography,  Quinceañera videography, and any other videography needs one may have.  

Together both Matt & Neci continue to grow in their passion for creating engaging & impactful content, photos, and videos. The great creator and visionary Steve Jobs said it best "The only way to do great work is to love what you do!".